Elon Musk has just continued to attack Jeff Bezos by saying that Amazon’s CEO is too old, and the Blue Origin rocket is too slow and cannot fly to the moon.

Over the weekend, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk had an interview with the New York Times . In this interview, he respectively mentioned his girlfriend Grimes, his son X Æ A-Xii, Covid-19 and his wealth.

When mentioning SpaceX, the company that recently successfully launched a series of satellites and sent two astronauts into space, the New York Times reporter also added Bezos’ information. Amazon’s CEO is currently founding a company specializing in reusable rockets called Blue Origin, with the hope of sending humans to the moon in the near future.

Musk immediately took this opportunity to “tease” his opponent. Musk believes that the Amazon CEO is too old, while the Blue Origin rocket is not fast enough to reach the moon. “The pace is too slow and the number of years he has missed is not enough, but I’m still happy for what he is doing with Blue Origin,” Musk said.

Before founding an aerospace company, Musk and Bezos worked in different fields. However, the two Silicon Valley billionaires have been at each other’s throats for more than 15 years.

Bezos founded Blue Origin in 2000, while Musk founded SpaceX in 2002. According to Business Insider , things only “heated up” two years later, when the pair met for a dinner to discuss their ambitions. conquer space. “I did my best to give good advice, but he ignored it,” Musk revealed after the meeting.

However, the conflict between the two only really escalated in 2013, when SpaceX exclusively used an old launch pad from the US Space Agency (NASA). In 2011, when NASA retired the space shuttle, launch pad 39A was dismantled or leased back. Finally, choose the second option. SpaceX then offered to rent the launch pad, but Bezos also wanted to do the same. Bezos’ company even prevented SpaceX from renting 39A by influencing the government. This made Musk angry, sarcastically saying that this was bad competitive behavior. In the end, SpaceX still has the right to use the launch pad.

Months later, both companies continued to engage in a patent dispute. This was also the time when Musk and Bezos publicly announced their “feud” on Twitter.

Bezos often criticizes the idea of ​​sending people to Mars – the main goal of the SpaceX project. He described the idea as “lacking momentum”. On the contrary, once the BBC asked Musk about Bezos, he immediately replied “Who is Jeff?”.

Bezos snubbed Musk, SpaceX over satellite contract: Lawsuit

Not only that, Musk also called Amazon a monopoly and wrote on Twitter that it should be broken up. He also called Bezos a copycat of Amazon’s plan to launch Internet coverage satellites. Last September, when Amazon announced plans to start project Kuiper – a global Internet network with 3,200 satellites. Musk directly typed the phrase “@JeffBezoscopy”, referring to copying Musk’s Starlink satellite project.

Recently, Amazon also acquired self-driving taxi company Zoox. In Silicon Valley, Zoox is considered as famous as Alphabet’s startup Waymo, Google’s parent company. However, Musk also believes that Bezos’ company is following his Tesla, and even filed a lawsuit for “stealing” the company’s personnel.

With Musk’s latest move, the “war” between the two billionaires in Silicon Valley seems to have not ended yet.

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