Jason and Travis Kelce Reveal Their Part-Ownership in a Brotherly Garage Beer Photo Shoot

Garage Beer is the first joint business venture for Jason and Travis Kelce aside from their New Heights podcast

Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce are getting into the beer business!

The NFL brothers announced on their New Heights podcast that they are now part owners of Garage Beer — and made it official by posing for a photo shoot used on the brand’s Instagram page and website.

In the picture on social media, the two brothers are sitting on a pair of chairs inside a garage with a large sign behind them that reads “Garage Beer.” The former Philadelphia Eagles player holds a can of the light beer while the Kansas City Chiefs player posed with a Garage Beer box near his foot.

In a separate photo posted to Garage Beer’s official website, the men get their hands dirty — Jason holds a chainsaw while Travis rides on a green bicycle.

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Garage Beer sells a classic can and a lime flavor.

Jason celebrated the news by sharing a video of a loved one chugging down a can of Garage Beer. (If you listen closely you can hear Taylor Swift’s “You Belong with Me” playing in the background.)

“Trav and I are officially a member of team @drinkgaragebeer,” Jason captioned the post. “No matter where you are, the garage brings the joy and camaraderie.”

“If you like beer that tastes like beer, you’ll love this beer. If you don’t believe me, believe @albertfrank5314 he’s been drinking beer since the 60s,” he continued. “He admittedly prefers Keystone and Coors light for his everyday pounders, but he did say he liked it! Which is a big endorsement from anyone with White Whiskers!!”

The pair discussed purchasing a stake in the company on the latest episode of New Heights, noting that they primarily decided to invest in the Cincinnati brand because they “love beer that tastes better.” (They are both graduates of the University of Cincinnati.)

“[This] isn’t making, like, a fancy slogan or trying to push you to, you know, have less calories and all that,” Travis shared. “No… if you like good beer, this is a good beer.”

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“Our goal … we want this beer to be enjoyed by the guys… and women that drink beer, that enjoy beer,” Jason chimed in.

The NFL tight end then asked their podcast listeners to try it and “tell us what you think,” adding that he was “curious on how everybody else feels about it” since he was “pretty pumped up on it.”

Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce in October.


Along with the beer, fans can also purchase merchandise on the Garage Beer website, including different colored hats, T–shirts, sweatshirts, trunks and various other items with funny sayings. “The Tight End of Beers” reads one shirt.

Garage Beer is co-owned by brand investment marketer Andrew Saue and can be found in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, West Virginia, Idaho, Montana and New Jersey. There are plans for expansion into other states, according to The Cincinnati Enquirer.

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