420 Sqft Peaceful, Private One Bedroom Cabin In Indiana, United States

The log cabin can sleep up to two people and has a bathroom with a shower. It is located in Middlebury Indiana. Relax and unwind in this stylish, calm area. This quiet retreat is nestled in the trees and provides a tranquil escape from daily life. It is located in a secluded area, but it’s close to local sights, restaurants, trails, and biking. This cabin is a total of 420. The cabin has a total of 420 sq. With 280 square feet on the ground floor and 140 square feet in the bedroom loft, this is a spacious home. Toes in the loft. This cabin has a modern, stylish design with full bathroom, full kitchen, two-burner stove top, microwave, fridge, espresso maker and hot water pot. The oven is not available. In the loft, there is a queen-sized bed that can accommodate two adults. It is controlled by local climate with heat from propane in winter and cooling air conditioners during summer.

This log cabin, which is separate from the house itself and nestled within a wooded area, offers a private retreat. You can relax in the log cabin with its rockers, trails through the woods or the nearby forest. There are walkways, a fireplace and a pit already installed. Also available is a tripod that has a grill/grate for cooking over the fireplace. Firewood and kindling are stored in the holiday home. The planting of trees, plants, and shrubs is still ongoing.

Middlebury is a quiet rural area just outside of the small town with its quaint shops and restaurants. Shipshewana can be reached in 15 minutes. Goshen takes 20 minutes. Elkhart 20 minutes. South Bend/Notre Dame 45 minutes. The Pumpkin Vine Bike Path is 3 miles away, allowing bikers to travel from Shipshewana all the way to Elkhart. It is only 5 miles to the Indiana 80/90 toll road. The cabin is 5 miles from the Indiana 80/90 toll road. No public transport is available. You can enter the Pumpkin Vine Path in a matter of minutes if you are a cyclist.

The benefits of a vacation in a rustic log cabin go beyond the beautiful views. This is also a great way to minimize your impact on the planet. A log cabin has many eco-friendly features, from its construction to how it stores and uses energy.

Environmentally-friendly on energy. When you stay in a log home, you can reduce your energy bill and power usage. The cabin stores warmth during the day, releasing it at night. This happens because the thermal mass of the logs prevents warmth from passing through. However, it’s possible for a log home to have air leakage or drafts if the logs were not dried before construction. Spruce, pine cedar, fir and larch are the best logs for retaining heat inside.

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