Find the Newest Types of Primroses to Add to Your Collection!

Primroses have evolved greatly since their origins in the forest. In addition to the traditional “primrose yellow” hue, there are now a plethora of colors available, spanning the entire rainbow with one notable exception – green. However, it turns out that there is even a green primrose variety!

At first glance, these new hybrid plants may appear flashy and unsuitable for your garden. However, it’s essential to remember that they are perfect for a freezing winter garden and play a crucial role in providing nectar for bees and pollinating insects early in the season. During my visit to Ball Colegrave’s Spring Trials, I was ecstatic to discover an array of Primroses that fulfilled all my gardening dreams. From ruffled to spotted, dotted to striped, they had it all! Before we dive into the world of Primroses, let’s first differentiate them from Polyanthus, as shown in the photo below. Unlike Polyanthus, Primroses have individual stems for their blooms, while Polyanthus blooms cluster together on a single stem.

The Primlet Series is a result of breeding and offers cost-effective rosebud primroses that can be grown from seed, making them a popular choice for both customers and outlets. The color range of Primlet Series has increased in recent years with the addition of solid and picotee forms. The buds of these primroses are tightly packed and bloom into equally beautiful ruffled flowers.

The Belarina Series is a double-flowered primrose that was a game-changer in the market. They are not just impulse purchases but thrive in the garden, with some plants blooming non-stop for eight months in a cool spot! The color range of the Belarina Series has become gargantuan, with as many shades as the petunia family. They can be considered a petunia for the winter months. The unique standing of the Belarina series in the marketplace is denoted by its ‘Primula’ moniker.

Recently, there has been the addition of a double-flowered polyanthus, the Belarina Polyanthus, which could further complicate things.

Polyanthus Belarina series

The Polyanthus Belarina series is a remarkable new strain developed by the Kerleys. It features stunning pompom-style blooms on a single stem, reminiscent of traditional Polyanthus. While the breeders may not have intended it, this strain makes for an excellent windowsill plant. However, it also works equally well as a garden or rockery plant and offers great value. Another noteworthy plant series is the Alaska Series.

From the tender age of five, Michael’s passion for gardening and plants has been unwavering. As a self-proclaimed Plant Geek, he earned recognition as one of the Sunday Times’ top 20 influential figures in the gardening world, thanks to his role as a plant hunter for Thompson Morgan. Some of his notable contributions include introducing new plant species like the Egg and Chips plant and FuchsiaBerry. Michael remains busy exploring the globe in search of new plants and delivering lectures, including ones in Japan. His active presence on social media invites people to follow him on @mr_plantgeek and Facebook while also providing them with plant-centered content through his Substack, Grow This, Not That.

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