Survival in the Wild: Tiny Canine Left Alone in the Woods Fends for Her Family with No Food or Water

Nursing Dog Mom Runs Up To A Woman Trying To Get Help For Her Babies

For Ashley Boggs, a long-time dog rescuer, saving dogs is a life mission. One day, she was driving down a forest road in Puerto Rico when she spotted a helpless, brown canine stopping cars and begging for help.

Unlike other strays that usually hide in the woods or stroll down a busy road without any agenda, this particular canine was acting differently – like she was desperately trying to tell Boggs something!

Momma Dog Begging For One Thing OnlySource: Miracles for Satos Rescue

When Ashley got out of the car, she realized that the dog who stopped her was a nursing mom who was desperate to find help for her new𝐛𝐨𝐫𝐧 puppies. Left in the woods with no food and water – this tiny canine was fending for her family all by herself.

Fortunately, Boggs, who works for Miracles for Satos Rescue, from New York, arrived at the last minute to be their hero!

Source: Miracles for Satos Rescue

Aside from the mom dog, who was later named Goji, there were two other pups hiding in the secluded area.

All three were friendly right off the bat, and Boggs had no problem securing them in her car. However, there were more puppy cries coming from the wooded area, and she knew that she had to go back to investigate a little more.

At last, Boggs found four more puppies who were hiding near the box they were dumped in. This giant-hearted volunteer worked tirelessly until she managed to secure all seven of them in the back of her car.

The Berry Family Saved On TimeSource: Miracles for Satos Rescue

When she finally drove them to the facility, Boggs and the rest of the team made sure this stray family got all the care they needed. They were all hungry and needed a fresh, new start, and that’s exactly what they got!

Source: Miracles for Satos Rescue

Miracles for Satos Rescue is an organization that saves and transports dogs from Puerto Rico to New York, and helps them find a forever home – and the puppies were very lucky to have Boggs find them!

They all went to a foster home where they started socializing with other dogs and learning basic puppy manners.

Goji, the mom, had no trouble adapting to new circumstances, as she was just the most affectionate canine in the world!

“She is the absolute best dog. She loves every dog and person that she meets. She loves rubs and cuddles and will even do tricks for treats,” the MFSR team wrote on their Facebook page.

Source: Miracles for Satos Rescue

The rest of the puppies were named Raspberry, Blueberry, Gooseberry, Cloudberry, Blackberry, and Strawberry.

“We named them after berries because we picked them from the bushes,” said the MFSR team.

A New Start AheadSource: Miracles for Satos Rescue

Goji was finally in a place where she didn’t need to worry about her family being safe anymore. Thanks to her caregivers, she let down her guard and became the sweetest girl whose only agenda was to bring joy to everyone she meets.

“She loves going for walks but her favorite place in the world is on her favorite person’s lap. GOJI is definitely a volunteer favorite because she is an absolute sweet heart. She brings joy to the world everyday,” the MFSR wrote.

Not too long after their rescue, the Berry family found their furever families and they couldn’t be happier!

Once abandoned and left at the mercy of the wilderness, these pawdorable furballs are now enjoying life in their new homes!


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