God gave us a reason to separate these girls with – 10 hours of surgery

The fused twins, Addy and Lily Altobelli his parents had no idea what to expect when they were told the scary news. But they were not allowed to shake their faith in God and continue to glorify him while sharing their wonderful story with the world.

Maggie and Dom Altobelli they were unspeakably happy when, at a test at week 20 of pregnancy, doctors told them they were expecting twins. But this happiness did not last long, for they were soon told that the twins had grown together and shared a stomach.

Maggie and Dom he experienced unimaginable feelings when he heard the news. Although they were afraid, they knew they had to trust God in this situation as well.

„ We were surprised and shocked by the news. But we thought God gave us these girls for a reason ” – said Maggie.

The couple living in Chicago agreed to have their daughters separated at the Philadelphia Children’s Hospital, where doctors had more experience in separating the fused twins. They had a long and difficult journey ahead of them, the babies had to undergo a number of tests to check if surgery was possible at all.

Doctors said they would not operate on babies if their hearts also grew together, but parents said God took care of them, and fortunately that was not the case. Nevertheless, doctors have warned parents that surgery is still extremely risky.

„ They said: „ Yes, this is a favorable situation. But it is still very risky 𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘥𝐛𝐢𝐫𝐭𝐡 and surgery will be ” – told Maggie.

Maggie and Dom They clung to their faith in God and began during pregnancy Faithand Hopeto call their daughters (faith and hope). Maggie he gave life to the twins in the 34th week of pregnancy, who brought a lot of happiness into their parents ’lives but had to face difficulties from day one.

Lily and Addy they shared on a chest so when Lily, who was a little bigger, upset, Addy had a hard time breathing. „ When Lily became upset … she controlled their breathing. There were moments when Addy could barely breathe because Lily was upset by something” – explained Maggie.

At last, shortly before they were one year old, the day came when the twins were separated. Maggie and Dom, who were already very upset by the thought of surgery, they decided to trust themselves entirely to God’s will for the babies. Maggie so he remembers that day: „ It was very surreal, very emotional. The whole day was very peaceful and somehow we simply offered it to God – so we did it along the way. ”

The fact that they were surrounded by experienced health professionals also made the situation easier for them. Maggie he remembered: „ We are very lucky to have surgeons who know what they are doing and have worked really hard and cared for our daughters as if they were their own. ”

The surgery lasted 10 hours and the doctors informed the parents of the developments every 2 hours.

When the surgery was finally over and the parents received the good news that it was successful, they were incredibly relieved. „ I just fell to the ground. Everyone cried, sobbed. The joy was incredible ” – recalled Maggie.

The twins were successfully separated and recovered in the hospital for another 2 months, while doctors finally gave permission to go home to their home in Chicago. „ We are very happy to be home. Simply amazing ” – said Maggie.

Maggie she says nothing affects her as much as when she sees her daughters doing completely average things like watching TV in the living room of their home.

„ I cry to this day when I see my daughters just sitting in the living room watching the Ice Magic or some other Disney cartoon. Because that’s exactly the thing you’ve always imagined and hoped for, and it’s indescribable. I can’t tell you how wonderful ” – is He said.

Addy and Lily they are still receiving physical, occupational and speech therapy treatment, are currently being fed a feeding probe, but are already trying to teach them how to eat on their own and are moving forward step by step.

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