“I think B is telling me he’s ready” – Angels star Mike Trout’s son Beckham playfully prepares dad for Spring Training in snowy style

With spring training a few weeks away, Los Angeles Angels slugger Mike Trout will be the center of attention for many in Anaheim. Moreover, he will be without longtime All-Star Shohei Ohtani after the superstar signed for cross-town rivals, the LA Dodgers.

It seems that Trout is using the offseason wisely and enjoying the calm before the MLB campaign begins.

Recently, Trout took to Instagram and shared glimpses of the snowy vacations with his son Beckham. In the video, Beckham is seen enjoying himself in the snow and creating patterns. Trout thinks his son is telling him to gear up for Spring Training.

“I think B is telling me he’s ready for @angels Spring Training,” he wrote in the caption.

Will Mike Trout be traded in 2024?

There was a lot of anticipation that the Angels would part ways with two of their perennial stars this offseason. Ohtani left the club in free agency and with not much of a competitive roster left, it was assumed that the Angels might go for a complete overhaul and trade Mike Trout.

However, it has been a mixed bag for the Angels this offseason. They haven’t splurged big to acquire All-Star talent, nor have they traded Trout for future assets.

Earlier this offseason, there was speculation that the Toronto Blue Jays were interested in trading for him after losing out on Ohtani. However, the Angels front office refused to trade him this winter, ending the speculation.

Trout has suffered numerous injuries throughout the years, which have led to problems for the club. However, when he is fit, he remains one of the game’s top sluggers.

He had a down season last year, at least by his lofty standards, but they are hopeful that he will rebound this year. Trout hit .262 with 18 home runs and 44 RBIs in 82 games.

Back in 2019, Mike Trout signed a 12-year, $426.5 million contract. This means that the former MVP is still owed over $37 million for the next seven seasons. The club needs to decide whether they want to use his services to the fullest or should look out for the future.

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