Garnacho’s incredible rise – a journey of determination and triumph

From George Best to Ryan Giggs to the early days of Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United have had an affinity for wingers. Now, Alejandro Garnacho has rekindled that romance in a stunning first season in the Red Devils’ first team.

Garnacho is the leading light of Man United’s FA Youth Cup-winning side in 2022 and knocked on the door of the first team last year. He has made a strong mark this season, scoring 4 goals and providing 6 assists for Erik ten Hag’s team after 10 starts and 19 substitute appearances.

Garnacho’s rise has been so impressive that, on Tuesday, he was named in the inaugural NXGN Nine as one of the world’s top nine footballers 𝐛𝐨𝐫𝐧 in 2004 or later.

A bad ankle injury against Southampton brutally interrupted Garnacho’s season and prevented him from making his Argentina debut. But Ten Hag expects him to return at the end of the season, when Man United will attempt to add to the FA Cup and Europa League on top of their previous Carabao Cup title, alongside marking their return to the Champions League.

Goal has written about the progress of Man United’s incredible winger from when he first came to the club’s attention at the age of 16, to when he became a match-winner. in Premier League…

A new star winger

Garnacho's incredible rise – a journey of determination and triumph.

The 18-year-old has formed a special bond with Man United fans, who sing to him: “Viva Garnacho, run down the wing, hear United sing”.

Sound familiar? The recent song belongs to Ronaldo, and it speaks to the supporters’ faith in the teenager that Garnacho has become their new idol since the five-time Ballon d’Or winner’s departure.

But it’s not just Garnacho’s talent that makes fans love him. Although his family roots are in Spain and Argentina, he effectively graduated from Man United and is inspired by the club’s tradition of churning out thrill-seeking young players. club.

Nick Cox, head of Man United’s academy, told GOAL: “I think it’s in our blood, our style of football is designed to get supporters off their seats.” Surname. You have to be creative and play with flair. That is characteristic of Manchester United.”

“Alejandro has really embraced the fact that our supporters are not only passionate about entertaining players but they also really enjoy watching young players who they feel are one of their own.”

“Even though he came from Spain at the age of 16, I think people consider him one of us. Our fans saw him in the early days, witnessed him grown up and they really enjoy being with him.”

‘Obsessed with football’

Garnacho's incredible rise – a journey of determination and triumph.

Garnacho was recommended to Man United through Spanish scout Gerardo Guzman after making a name for himself at Atletico Madrid’s academy. The winger’s ability was evident in the videos the staff showed and his love for football was also evident.

“We could see that he was very fast, we could see that he was a creative player who loved duels. And although it wasn’t easy to tell when you were watching,” Cox recalls From afar, you can see personality-wise, he is a boy who loves the game and is obsessed with football.”

Convincing the youngster, then 16 years old, to move to Manchester was more difficult than usual due to the coronavirus pandemic. With travel and face-to-face meetings strictly limited, Man United’s courtship of Garnacho took place over video calls.

However, the player’s determination to take his career to the next level affected the club.

“Alejandro knows he wants to be the best soccer player he can be and will do his best to do that,” Cox said. He aspires to play in the Premier League and he really aspires to play for Manchester United.”

Settle down in year one, explode in year two

Garnacho's incredible rise – a journey of determination and triumph.

Garnacho arrived in England determined to flourish at Man United, but faced increased challenges upon arriving in September 2020, when Covid restrictions were still in force in Manchester.

For most of the first year, Garnacho and his teammates were only allowed to practice 75 minutes a day and were banned from the locker room.

“For a kid to come in under those conditions and integrate into a new football club with a new language is not easy,” Cox explained. He started slowly here and took a little time in his first year with us to find his feet, but that’s okay. We will always be patient. The second year, he really integrated.”

In his second season, Garnacho played for the U18 and U23 teams, but really shined in the FA Youth Cup, scoring 7 goals in 6 matches, 5 of which took place at Old Trafford.

The further Man United progressed in the tournament, the more people got involved, and the more Garnacho and his team-mates raised their game. A record 67,000 fans packed Old Trafford for the final against Nottingham Forest, where Garnacho scored twice in a 3-1 win.

Thrive in the first team

Garnacho's incredible rise – a journey of determination and triumph.

Garnacho’s exploits with the youth team earned him minutes under Ralf Rangnick and a place on Man United’s pre-season tour with the first team.

But appearances in Ten Hag’s squad were not easy and it was not until the Europa League match at home to Sheriff in October that he made his first start.

He scored his first goal a week later against Real Sociedad, followed immediately by his first Premier League goal, a superb 90th-minute strike against Fulham. In the last three months, Garnacho has assisted Marcus Rashford’s winning goal against Manchester City, scored against arch-rivals Leeds and scored a late-match masterpiece to sink West Ham in the fifth round of the FA Cup. .

Cox has proudly followed Garnacho’s progress through the first team and has been impressed by how he has begun to repeat his achievements with the youth team on the biggest stage.

“It’s the hardest jump for any young player, the transition from the youth team to the first team,” Cox said. “And again, it doesn’t happen immediately. He’s still a young player developing. He needs to learn, he needs to improve and he also needs support from his teammates to help him. He understands the strict requirements of the first team football working environment. It took him the first third of the season to play his way to being trusted to start matches.”

‘Believe that everything is possible’

Garnacho's incredible rise – a journey of determination and triumph.

While proud of Garnacho’s progress, Cox is keen to stress that he has not yet ‘made it’ as a Manchester United player. However, he knew what Garnacho was capable of and he knew how ambitious he was.

“We’re very excited about the early stages of his development, very excited about what he’s showing us,” Cox said. “He can do it on a regular basis. He has a lot of development ahead.”

“He has a positive group of staff here, we will encourage him to believe that anything is possible.”

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