Star-studded dog trainer The scouting report on Patrick and Brittany Mahomes’ dogs, Steel and Silver, is made public by Tom Davis

You can’t stop these “super” dogs — you can only hope to contain them.

Dog trainer to the stars Tom Davis gave The Post the scouting report this week on the pooches of Kansas City’s first couple, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany — Silver, a cane corso and Steel, a pit bull.

A photo of Patrick and Brittany Mahomes with their dogs during the holiday

Davis — who has been working for the three-time Super Bowl winning Chiefs QB and his personal trainer wife for four years — said the pooches have “no behavioral problems,” he told The Post this week as part of National Pet Month.

The Mahomes dogs have an Instagram page with over 200,000 followers.instagram @steel_silver_mahomes

Silver, 5, a muscular 80-pound Cane Corso, is “protective” and “likes to wedge herself between people she likes in spaces fit for a York terrier,” while Steel, 7, a 60-pound pit bull, “enjoys long walks” with his bold-faced owners.

Davis described the couple as “regular people” who “have problems with their dogs like everyone else.

“So, for example, sometimes in the summer, even though we don’t want Silver to jump in the pool and swim, she will jump in the pool and swim because she likes to swim,” he explained.

And Davis is cool with that, because “when we train dogs, we’re not building robots. We are trying to do the best we can to train them within [one’s] lifestyle.”

Davis is the founder of the Upstate Canine Academy in Saratoga and the host of the “No Bad Dogs” podcast.Albany Times Union via Getty Ima

Davis, the founder of the Upstate Canine Academy in Saratoga and the host of the “No Bad Dogs” podcast, said the Mahomes’ are “hardcore dog lovers” and if Silver and Steel need a behavioral “tune up” they “just text me and fly me out.”

The canines have no problem with social media.

The Mahomes dogs have an Instagram page with over 200K followers.

Brittany Mahomes took to Instagram story Thursday to show off her
new necklace, which pays tribute to her beloved Silver and Steel.Instagram @brittanylynne
“Just a pit bull & a cane corso living our best life🐶❤️ Mom & Dad
@brittanylynne @patrickmahomes” reads their Instagram story.instagram @steel_silver_mahomes

“Just a pit bull & a cane corso living our best life🐶❤️
Mom & Dad @brittanylynne @patrickmahomes” reads their Instagram story.

Davis, who boasts 1.4 million followers on his TikTok account, noted the Mahomes’ are “heavily involved in the dog community, especially in Kansas City, working with different organizations and shelters.”

And Davis and Brittany Mahomes have partnered with PetSafe on the “revolutionary” Guardian GPS + Tracking Dog Fence Collar, which monitors pooches in real time.

Davis, who counts former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and YouTube personality Logan Paul as satisfied customers, noted the Mahomes’ “travel a lot and they have rather large properties.”

“It [the tracker] gives them an opportunity to always be safe with their dogs,” he said.

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