Heat this on the stove for 1 hr, and say goodbye to flies, mosquitoes, and cockroaches for good

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In addition to being an annoyance, pests such as cockroaches, flies, and mosquitoes may really be harmful to your health. Diseases, tainted food, and unpleasant living conditions are all possible outcomes of these unwanted visitors. Fortunately, there is an alternative to using toxic chemicals to eliminate them. Making your own traps and sprays using common home items is an excellent approach to keep these pests at bay.

Natural pest management has several advantages, and you must know about them. This post will provide you three simple, inexpensive, and eco-friendly options: a spray with bay leaves and cloves, an insect repellent, and a mosquito trap that you can create at home. Continue reading to find out not only how to make these treatments, but also why they work.


Making Your Own Mosquito Trap: Here are the supplies you’ll need to make a mosquito trap that’s both easy and effective:

First, a cup of water

2. One-fourth cup of colored sugar

3. Yeast—one gramone plastic 2-liter bottle that has been emptied

First, cut the plastic bottle lengthwise. The bottom section should remain bigger.

2. Incorporate the brown sugar into the heated water. Pour it into the lower half of the bottle after it has cooled.Third, incorporate the yeast. You don’t have to stir it as it will produce carbon dioxide, which is a mosquito magnet.3. Like a funnel, insert the top half of the bottle into the bottom half, upside down.4. Mosquitoes are drawn to dark colors, so wrap the bottle with something black, but be sure to leave the top exposed.5. Set up the trap in a damp, dark spot.To get the most out of it, change the answer every two weeks. 7.This DIY spray prepared with bay leaves and cloves is an excellent natural bug repellent, especially against cockroaches and flies.

What you need:

one to ten bay leaves 1–10

Two to ten cloves

three and a half cups of water

1: Bring a kettle of water to a boil.

2. Boil some water and throw in few bay leaves and cloves.

3. Simmer for up to an hour.

4. Set aside to chill the mixture.

5. Transfer the liquid to a spray bottle after straining.

6 Spritz places where you see signs of bug infestation.Another effective DIY repellent is an insect repellent spray, which may be applied directly to the skin or to trouble spots to ward off insects.

What you need:One cup of witch hazel

Second, half a cup of apple cider vinegar

3. Essential oils (eucalyptus, lavender, citronella, etc.)—30–40 dropsInstructions:

4. In a spray bottle, combine all of the ingredients.Shake vigorously before to every usage.

5. Apply a mist to any exposed flesh or the area you want to shield.

You may make your own all-natural pesticides by following these recipes. Try these do-it-yourself strategies to keep pests at bay without resorting to toxic pesticides.

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