Mpuluzi Batholith: A “giant” footprint found in South Africa that dates back 200 million years

Could a race of giant extraterrestrials have lived on Earth hundreds of millions of years ago? Evidence from around the world seems to suggest so, indicating that giants did exist. One of the most compelling pieces of evidence might be the giant footprint in South Africa, which many believe could belong to an extraterrestrial being.

Legends about giants have existed for a long time on earth.An Astonishing Discovery

Close-up of giant footprints discovered in South Africa.

In 1912, a hunter named Stoffel Coetzee discovered a massive footprint about 1.5 meters long on a granite rock while hunting in a remote area of South Africa. This area, known as Eastern Transvaal at the time, is now Mpaluzi, near the Swaziland border. The footprint has amazed geologists and researchers due to its size and excellent state of preservation.

Expert Opinions

According to Professor Pieter Wagener from Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, this footprint is more likely to be evidence of “little green men from space” rather than a result of natural erosion. Professor Wagener, along with many other scientists, believes the footprint could be between 200 million and 3 billion years old, based on current understanding of granite formation throughout Earth’s history.

Michael Tellinger shows off what could One of the best pieces of evidence that there were giants on Earth a long, long time ago. At about 4 feet in length, the person who would have left this footprint behind must have been about 24 feet or 7.5 meters tall. This site presents us with a real dilemma and a deep mystery that needs to be resolved. © Image Credit: YouTube

South African scientist and explorer Michael Tellinger, nicknamed the “Indiana Jones of South Africa,” has presented this footprint as evidence of the existence of giants on Earth. Tellinger believes this footprint is one of the strongest pieces of evidence indicating that giants once roamed our planet.

Many people have come here to take pictures of the giant footprints.Mystery and Controversy

The granite footprint has sparked significant debate in the scientific community. Some geologists suggest it could be a natural erosion feature, but given its size and distinct shape, others believe it is evidence of giant extraterrestrial beings.

Overview image of Robert Schoch standing near the strange granite impression that has been controversially interpreted as a giant footprint. Robert Milton Schoch is an American associate professor of Natural Sciences at the College of General Studies, Boston University. Schoch co-authored and expanded the Sphinx water erosion hypothesis since 1990. © Image Credit: R. Schoch and C. Ulissey.

This has led to various theories about the origin of the footprint. Some suggest it could belong to Titanoboa, an extinct giant snake, while others believe it is evidence of an extraterrestrial race that once lived on Earth.

Further ExplorationPanorama of the place with strange giant footprints.

The site where the footprint was discovered, Mpuluzi Batholith, is noted for its coarse porphyritic granite, which is about 3.1 billion years old. This adds to the mystery and underscores the need for precise scientific investigation to answer questions about the origin and significance of this footprint.

The giant footprint in South Africa remains an unsolved mystery, generating much debate and numerous theories within the scientific community. Regardless of its origin, this footprint is an important part of exploring Earth’s history and evolution, potentially serving as evidence of giant extraterrestrial beings in the distant past. Further research and exploration are essential to better understand these mysteries and their role in Earth’s history.

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