A Young Woman Who Overcame Cαɴcer At Age 18 Has Been Awarded A Full Scholarship To New York University And Plans To Pursue A Career In Neurology

An 18 year old girl named Aya Osman survives cancer and won a full scholarship to New York University. She is set to study Neurology.

Aya Osman is an African American student from Orange Park, Florida. She graduated with top honors from high school and was awarded a full scholarship to New York University.

Osman has nurtured a passion for neurology from the young age of 12 and has always wanted to achieve her dream of becoming a neurologist. However, her diagnosis of cancer almost put her dream on hold, but Aya remained persistent and chose not to dwell on the circumstances, instead, she adopted a step-by-step approach to life and focused on the present moment.

In order to get rid of the tumor in her arm, Aya underwent a severe treatment that took her six months of chemotherapy sessions and was scheduled for every three weeks, with each session followed by a three-day hospital stay.

Despite the excessive time of her treatment, she gave no room for cancer to dictate her life’s journey, rather she engaged in schoolwork and other activities as a form of distraction while in the hospital bed

“It helped to distract yourself, and no matter what it may be, whether it was piano or schoolwork, It definitely helps curb the side effects of such a great diagnosis. It helps keep put your mind at ease and keeps you focused about something else,’’ she said.

Throughout her treatment, her mother brought her laptop to the hospital, ensuring she could keep up with her studies and Aya diligently maintained her International Bachelor’s degree schedule while the doctors monitored her health progress.

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